It's the Fuckin' Catalina Wine Mixer

Ay yo what's happenin'. My name is Ryan. Here is a list of adjectives you may use to describe me: frisky, groovy, funky, rambunctious, salty, SENSUAL, tasty, lively, humorous, thoughtful, witty, quick, AGILE, quirky, meaty, spiritual, intense, PRETTY, vengeful, ridiculous, sultry, savory, chocolatey, shiny, manly, I KILLED A MAN WITH MY BARE HANDS ONCE, sensitive, loving, respectful, responsible, furious, snappy, patriotic, spontaneous, tender, sturdy, graceful, tactful, medium-rare, firm, slippery, lean, morbidly obese, grandiose, fermented, carbonated, caffeinated, chivalrous, bold, warm, hot, cool, outgoing, magnificent, majestic, magical, influential, and naked.
In case you were curious about what my friends and I do. 

In case you were curious about what my friends and I do. 

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